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Pedestrian Alert – KL City

To all visitors in KL, please be extra careful when you are walking on the road.

My colleague got snatched last night in front of our office building. We are located just 2minutes away from KLCC.

Where ever you are in KL just be extra careful. I would never imagine things like this happening to myself or friends but then it happens!

Some pointers while walking.
1) bring minimum cash or put cash in pocket.
2) be aware of your surrounding, avoid walking near motorcycle
3) try walking in pairs
4) bring pepper spray while walking (?)
5) if it happen, dont fight back

Stay safe.


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December is a month that I normally look forward to meet all my families and friends back home. Not that I have been away too much for Christmas, but last year was the second time that I did not have Christmas back home.

Frank made a trip down to KL middle of December to visit me and so we decided to spend the time exploring the other states in Malaysia.

On Friday and Saturday, I brought Frank around KL City and walked the path that I normally use to work and taught him about the LRT and Monorail. Brought him to few different malls and bar that I hang out at. It was an easy day spent just walking around and catching up with one another.

Then on Sunday, we went to Batu Caves. There, we saw an old lady, with the longest hair I seen in my entire life! I call her Malaysian Rapunzel!



We went up the stairs and have our late lunch at one of the vegetarian restaurant in front of the temple. It was vegetarian so Frank liked it. He ate with his fingers too. Other than holding his food with his finger like holding food with 5 chopsticks at a time, he did very well. Smile with tongue out

After Batu Caves, we took the train to Bank Negara and made our way to Dataran Merdeka. Unfortunately, it was closed for some autodrift racing. We stopped for a while to check it out. There were car racers from different Asian country.

After spending half an hour watching them burning fuel, we continued our walk into KL city centre. Walked around Petaling Street, Pasar Seni then made our way to Bukit Nanas Nature Reserved. So using the back way, we did some hiking at Bukit Nanas Nature Reserved. That was a good quick escape from the noise of traffic in the city.

We walked till we reach the main entrance which was the KL Tower. So we spent a little bit time touring around the KL Tower, and watch some cultural performance and also the heritage house that was open for visitors. Then we just sat outside enjoying the view and the little garden that was around the KL Tower.

After spending half an hour relaxing at KL Tower, we decided that we have seen enough for the day and went to Bukit Bintang to sit and drink.

That evening I received a phone call from Lisbeth, who was visiting KL and they are planning to have a small hang out. So we all met at White Rajah Restaurant at Bukit Bintang.





During the weekdays, we tried to met up for lunch and after work, Frank will wait for me at his favourite bar, Racks Bar and Baby Backs.

The next Friday on the 23rd Dec, we went to Genting Highlands. We took the bus from Bus Station Pekeliling which goes all the way up to Genting Highland and only cost us RM5.90 each! It was an hour journey and the pressure surely made me equalize a couple of times.



When we arrived Genting, it was raining heavily. Since we arrived during lunch, we walked inside to find a place to eat. We had some local dish, Asam Laksa and Curry Noodle and we each had a cup of coffee. The food tasted so good in the cold weather. After our delicious lunch, we started walking around the buidlings. It was still raining so we could not walk outside. It was a really busy day since it was also a school holiday.

I was in Genting 3 years ago, and did not remember Genting to be so busy and hectic. It now looked like a shopping mall and a circus in the same building. It was very noisy too! For me, it really spoilt Genting natural beauty! It was just another busy town on a mountain. Sad smile

The next morning, we took a bus to Ipoh, Perak. From Plaza Rakyat, we walked to Pudu Raya Sentral which was just 5 mins away, and bought our ticket to Ipoh. I forgot how much it cost exactly but it was between RM15 – RM17 each for one way ticket. It took us 4hours to arrive Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal in Ipoh. From the bus terminal we take a cab to go to our hotel.

The cabs in Perak do not use Meter as they are mostly private owned. Irritating at times and I wish that the government do something about it. Set a stricter rules for people who get licence to drive a taxi and not just allow anyone to drive the taxi.

We arrive Perak almost 4pm. So we check-in and spent the evening walking around the town. The hotel that we were at was really strategically placed. There were restaurant everywhere and Ipoh is also well-known for it’s good food!

We saw an open air market and decided to sit and have a drink. I had their Satay and Frank had their Rojak Sotong. The satay tasted really good! A very good way to start a day in a new place!

For dinner we went to a Chinese Restaurant next to our hotel. The food there was really good too!

Frank wanted to order beer, so I asked the price. The lady said that it was RM10 for 3 bottles. At least that is what I heard. And of course I kept on repeating the price just to make sure it is right. The lady not speaking fluent Malay did not help very much. But after trying to get the price right, it was still RM10 for 3 bottles. So happy with the cheap price, I told the lady we want 3 bottles. When it came, it was 3 big bottles and it was RM13 each. Confused smile )*&*^$%$@%()_P

Oh well!

So the next day, we decided that we wanted to go to Gua Tempurung. The receptionist at the hotel was not so helpful and they were information-less! Very disappointing. We tried looking for Tour Agent to get us there, but we found out that all the Tour Company was closed on Christmas Day! We walked around the whole town and nothing was open except for the restaurants.






We continue walking and decided to skip Gua Tempurung and go to Cameron Highland instead. So we continue walking till we saw the KTM Station. It looked so beautiful!!!! I did not know that they have such a majestic looking station in Malaysia!





Frank searched in his Four Square and read a tips about how to get to Cameron Highland without having to go to Medan Gopeng. Just 10minutes walking distance from the KTM Station, was a local bus stop and they have a direct bus to Cameron Highland. So we walked to the local bus stop, the minute we arrived, the bus to Cameron Highland left the station and saw that we had to wait another 4 hours for the next bus to Cameron Highland. So we hop on the bus to Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal and there was a bus ready to leave to Cameron Highland! Perfect timing.

It cost less than RM15 each to go to Cameron Highland from Medan Gopeng, Ipoh.

It took us 4 hours plus instead 3.5 hours to get to Tanah Rata and I was really not feeling good because of the zigzag road! So I forced myself to close my eyes not avoid feeling wagon sick.


There were some parts of the journey, the road was straight and I open my eyes and the view, breath-taking!



I really enjoyed to view and I wished that I have a house on a mountain!

There are 3 main town in Cameron Highland. Ringlet, Brinchang and Tanah Rata. So we stopped at Tanah Rata, where the bus brought us. At the bus terminal, there is a tour agent company. You can book your tour if you don’t have a car and you can also get them to book hotel room for you. Since it is almost impossible to travel in Cameron Highland without a car to other places, so getting a tour is the best way to mobilize around.

We also booked our room there and it was the best place I have been so far. The guesthouse was located on a hill and it is a colonial bungalow surrounded with flowers and little garden. It looked just AMAZING!!!!

Our room was facing a garden and outside the room, they have coffee table for you to just sit and enjoy the view.







I was in love with the place right away!!! Wished we had more time and would love to spend a few more night there!

Once checked-in, we walked into town and it was just 3mins away from our guesthouse.










It was cold, but not too cold that we had to put on a jacket. While walking, saw people who wore a full set of winter clothes and also an ear warmer!

They for sure had a better clothing than what I had in Holland!

For dinner, we had Chinese and one of the menu was fried mushrooms. It was surprisingly very nice. With the nice weather, everything tasted good!

After dinner, we went to a bar and had some drinks and on tv was some rock concert on. That kept us entertained.

In the morning, around 9.30am, we checked-out and went on our tour.

We went for the nature tour and it cost us RM60 each. It covers the Boh Tea Plantation, the factory where they make tea (there are shops for you to buy tea and cafe facing the tea plantation which is beautiful), and a short jungle trekking in the mossy forest, at Gunung Brinchang. It was slightly more than 2000m.







We walked to the peak for about 2km and could not see anything as it was foggy!







Then we had a 15minute jungle trekking. It was really muddy and if you are unlucky you will get your shoes dipped in the mud! There are some parts of the trail we were just walking on the roots of trees and it was not even a proper ground! When we look under, it was just an empty space and goes all the way down to 2000m!!!

Our driver was a local Cameron Highlanders who knew the way very well and knew the traffic condition very well…. He drove like there were no other cars on the road. He was quite a good driver and there were no road that was impossible for him!

After our tour, we took the bus back to KL. That took us about 5 hours. The jam was not too bad.

Then the next morning we took a bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan to go to Melaka. It took us 2 hours so that was a nice ride. From Melaka Sentral, we took the cab to our hotel. Of course another taxi driver who want to rip people off. Pffft…

In Melaka, we walked around and went to all the historical places. Went to the chicken rice restaurant for dinner and had a really nice meal.



The next day, around 9am we check-out of the hotel and took a bus from Melaka Sentral to Larkin, Johor. We took a cab from the bus terminal to Puteri Habour, where Frank left Morning Light.

Whatever plastic canvas that we put on to cover Morning Light was gone and she was a bit dirty with all the green mould growing on her. So aired the boat and started cleaning and washing whatever we could. Did not take us too long to get it clean again.

The next day, we went into town with the van that the Marina provide every Thursday, and did our shopping. It was a good day and we just enjoyed it together at the mall looking at things and bought some drinks for us to have our own little party at the Marina.

We were late for dinner the last night and the restaurant was close. So we just drank and eat some chips that we boat earlier.

The next morning, we start packing and took a bus to Singapore. It took us less than an hour to arrive Singapore. We had some problem at the Immigration because we did not have any pen to fill the arrival form. But other than that, it was ok. Smile

We went to Little India and had lunch. Then we walked around and then decided to go to Habour Front to have coffee.

We sat at a German restaurant and had our dinner there too. I ordered a cheesy sausage and I don’t think I want to eat sausage for at least another 6 months!




It was a beautiful day and also it was a sad one because it was time for us both to go back to reality. We took the train to the airport and I flew from Singapore to KL and Frank to Holland.

Till we meet again….



Rachel Raymond


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Few weeks ago, me and my long lost friend Joy, decided that we should go and do something ‘extreme’ during the weekend. I have heard about Bukit Tabur and been meaning to hike the hill, but never had the opportunity as it was not public transport accessible.

Joy has a car so transportation was not a problem anymore. She has a GPS so that made it made it easier…..At least that was what we thought.


I made some reading on how to get there and we drove all the way to Taman Melawati, and there were few hills there. We couldnt find the entrance for the hill, so decided to ask the people around who were also exercising. To our surprise, when we mention Bukit Tabur, we could see their expression was blurry. No one ever heard of Bukit Tabur! From the map description and also some other blogs on how to get to Buit Tabur, we were definately on the right track!

So we decided to just follow our instinct, and managed to find the entrance of the hill. Thefirst half an hour, it was very steep. So we being unfit, sweat like a pig.


We had a good hike although it was not till the end. But we managed to reach a certain peak. It was beautiful!!!




We didn’t want to hike till the end, because we were not that familiar with the hill. There are lots of ways or options to go to walk up the hill. Reading all the advise about being a first timer to climb the hill, also made us extra careful. It is also considered an ill fate hill.

We spent time talking and catching up and enjoyed the breeze and the beautiful scenery made us feel at peace.



Enjoy the photos! Photo from Joy and myself.






Rachel Raymond


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Waking up early on a weekend is not so fun when you don’t have anything planned.

Woke up around 5.30am and was awake till 7am, so I decided I was not going to stay home and watch movie all day long. So I went to the internet and Google on things I could do in a day in Kuala Lumpur.

Then it occurred to me that I have not been to Batu Caves which is just not so far away from Kuala Lumpur.

Batu Caves is a very famous Hindu shrines in Kuala Lumpur. During big festivals like Thaipusam and Deepavali, there are lots of parades going on.

How to get to Batu Caves?

From KL Sentral, you can take a direct KTM (train) to Batu Caves.

I took the train to Bandaraya Station (LRT) from my house, then change train to Bank Negara Station (KTM), and directly to Batu Caves Station.

The Batu Caves temple is just next to the train station which is very convenient.

All in all, it was less than RM10.


I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was quite a big place and there were a few big temples. The famous thing to do there is to climb the 272 steps to the limestone cave.308725_10150903908935158_886775157_21587877_1869689187_n

Entering the area, there was a temple on my left, and shoes are not allow if you enter the temple. Some people walked bare footed in the whole area! It was a really hot day.




Murugan Statue guarding the temple entrance to the Limestone cave.


373976_10150903909970158_886775157_21587884_1211482210_n   377365_10150903909255158_886775157_21587881_1126300585_n381038_10150903909035158_886775157_21587878_345687184_n391574_10150903909110158_886775157_21587879_86976954_n

They also have another ‘mini zoo’ before you reach the stairs to the limestone cave. It was a nice place and looks like a floating village. Entrance was RM15, which I didn’t go to. Saw some snakes in the photo so didn’t want to scare myself.

So I make my way to the steps of the cave and walked near the rail. Just in case I faint half way. But it was not that high as I thought it would be. In no time, I reached the top. Along the way, there were monkeys, and the people who climbed to the temple to pray fed them along the way, with bananas and mangoes.


The entrance when you reach the mouth of the cave.


Praying or getting blessing from the monk.

So I walked in the cave, and there were more shrines and it was quite a big cave. There were people praying and having their lunch at the shrines.


After walking in the caves, I walked down and there was another route to another ‘dark cave’. When I walked through the gate I saw 3 monkeys climbing and was pulling the fences aggressively.

So I walked through and the monkey that was pulling the fence, got down and came towards me. So was the other 2 monkeys. So I stopped and felt abit scared looking at their behavior. When I stopped, they kept walking towards me and whisking and showing their teeth at me! One actually tried to touch my legs and it did, so i lift my leg up wanting to kick it. But I have to be careful as I was in a shrine. So I shoos it away instead while walking back myself. After a couple of shooing, they left me alone and climb back on the gate.

310280_10150903915875158_886775157_21587923_182480112_nCrazy monkeys that almost attack me. There was another one, but it went away to get more food.


It is worth the visit if you are in KL for more than 2 days.

Things to bring:

Bottled water, umbrella, sun block.



Rachel Raymond


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KL Bird Park

Yesterday morning, I went to the KL Bird Park with my colleague and her brother. It was a sunny day and was a perfect day to see the birds. I have been planning to go to the bird park for a while, but there was always something in the way, but not today.

From KL Sentral, we took the KTM to Station Kuala Lumpur, then walk t the bird park and it took us 20minutes to arrive. It was not so easy to find, so we asked people along the road for directions.

There was an underground tunnel to cross the road and it lead you to the National Mosque.

We almost enter the National Mosque thinking it was the Bird Park. Confused smile 

From the tunnel, you just have to walk straight and on your left side will be the mosque. After 2 minutes of walking you will pass by the Methodist Girl’s School. Just walk straight till you see the Bird Park sign board and follow the sign board. Before the Bird Park is the Butterfly Park.


The entrance fee and opening hours:


The Bird Park was quite big. The flamingos and peacocks were let to roam around the park freely which was very nice! Some of it is used to human feeding them, and actually chased Yi Ven’s brother for bun!






Indian Blue Peafowl







Love Birds


Yellow Billed Stork



Cattle Igret


Mandrin Duck


Japanese Koi












Managed to take photo of the eye closing! It is not easy because it move in a second!











Black Eagle


The Amphitheatre. At 12.30pm was the bird show. They have funny opening. First they let a chicken walk across the ‘stage’ then a school of ducklings running across the stage! Not running slow, but very fast!




Around 1.30pm, it started to drizzle so we took a cab back to KL Sentral, which cost us RM14! But we were not ready to get soaked so we had to pay the price.



Rachel Raymond


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Last two weeks, my ex colleague came to Kuala Lumpur(KL) for a visit. Since most of us are in KL, we planned a small gathering for everyone. We were all excited to see each other again after a while of not seeing and going out together.

I remember in Miri we were always going out together, for lunch, dinner, Karaoke, Happy Hour, organised party, jungle trekking and of course…almost forget…we worked together!

Those were great times and I will never forget. We laugh, we cry, we argue, we make up…and at the end of the day, we came out as good friends. It was a place where everyone had one mission and it was to get the work done! Work hard, play hard!

So we organise a reunion and we went for a buffet dinner in one of the Karaoke place in Pavilion. Redbox Plus it is called. The buffet was excellent and the song choice was updated.

Enjoy the photos!

Pre-Reunion – Having lunch below once used to be OUR company!

282404_10150744622460158_886775157_20254350_6492828_nAlicer, Werry and Priscilla having IT chatIMG_0046 Ira- Our exceptional singer and headbanger!


Lisbeth – Our kelly Clarkson of the Company!

IMG_0052  Priscilla – Very motherly and she can get almost anything done for you in the office!


 Our beloved Organiser-always full with ideas!IMG_0063

Anne – Looking always ever young!


Jimmy our IT man – The Gentle Bear as Frank use to call him

IMG_0081Juju – Our shy Karaoke singer with a surprising jaw dropping voice!

IMG_0085 Werry our Safety man and a good advisor!

IMG_0086 Farred – Always cool under pressure!IMG_0089

The Wisemen IMG_0104 Alicer – Our one and only female who managed to stay in shape!

IMG_0119 The Singers


The Ladies

If I missed out anyone, it is not done on purpose!


Rachel Raymond


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Last weekend, I decided that I wanted to do some trekking again. So I made some readings on the place that I can go which will not take too long to arrive and found Kuala Selangor Nature Park. It is located at the mouth of Selangor River which is a habitat for lots of animals. Otter, Monitor Lizards, Kingfisher, Egrets, Silvered Langurs, Mud Skippers to name some.

It is 3hours-3.5hours using bus. It is not a bus express type, so along the way, the bus will stop to pick people up. I took bus No.141 from Pudu Raya, Central Market and it cost me RM6.30 toBus Station Malawati. The bus leave every 30mins from the station.

It was an old bus and I could see that the bus was ready to fall apart! The driver drove quite fast and all I could do was pray that the bus will stay intact. The road was okaish, Malaysian government could have done much better of course if they are not too busy filling their own pockets. Along the way, there are lots of oil palm plantation and also small villages. It is a nice change of scenery compared to just seeing skyscrapers the whole week.

Arriving Bus Station Malawati, I took a cab to the Nature Park which cost RM5 (not a metered cab). When I arrived the Park, I went to the reception to check in.

I made my booking with the park and got myself an A-Frame Hut. I wondered what the A mean, but when I got there and saw the Hut, I understood. It was a really nice looking wooden triangle frame.

  A- Frame Hut

 A-Frame Hut So you can see that there is a small balcony there too. I was already thinking, if there is a party organised here, it would be a nice place to just hang out! But no alcoholic drinks FYI.

 It can accommodate 2 person in one A-Frame Hut. There is a small fan at the end of the bed, also mosquito coil to kill the mosquito and a roll of toilet paper.It is obvious that there is no room for a toilet in the room. To shower, you will need to walk to the shower and toilet which is not far at all.

There are lots of mosquitoes, so make sure that the mosquito netting and door is always shut.Around 12.30pm I arrived the nature park and decided to start my walk. It was a nice secondary forest and the park is well taken care of by the MNS (Malaysian Nature Society) group.

I took the longest trail and because of the speed that I was walking, it took me only an hour to finished the trail. It was not a hard walk by any mean. It was a clear path, so I can’t say that I was having a jungle trekking but just a walk in the park.

At first I saw lots of monkeys and they were basically posing for me. They are very tame and they are not scared of humans. But I didn’t want to take my chances to let my guards down. Getting bitten by a monkey is not the way I want to make it to the front page of a newspaper.

Then continue my walk and saw that there are few photographers with their fancy big lenses camera trying to get a nice picture of birds. The birds I noticed are quite shy and fly away with the lightest sound of leaves falling on the ground. I am sure could be very frustrating for some. To avoid that, the park built a few gazebos for those serious wild life photographers.

I also walked the boardwalk. You can choose to walk in the mud or boardwalk. In the mud, you could expect to see, mud skipper and crabs and if you are lucky, a King Cobra! It was the first time I saw a Blue and Yellow Crab. Also I saw a gigantic mud skippers. maybe that is their size but I wouldn’t know! It looked more like a giant heavy tadpole  and glide thru the mud.

Mud Skippers

Blue Crab!

Yellow Crab!

I walked along the mangrove area and saw Otter on the water bank! I was so excited coz they looked so fat with their shiny body that looks like a seal! Then I saw a monitor lizard swimming in the water but the first time I saw it, I was not in time to take any photo. So I continue walking trying to find the Otter, and saw in the water that the Monitor Lizard swam back towards me.

Smooth Otter

Monitor Lizard

The last few hundreds meter before I finished the trail, it was the area of the Silvered Langurs. I was trying my best to look for them but couldn’t find it. What I wanted to see was their Orange coloured baby. As in orange! So I continued walking and saw the otter swimming in the water. Just as I point my camera to take picture, the otter dived in and I couldn’t find it anymore.

And at the same time, I heard some noise on the tree above me and saw the Silvered Langurs sitting on the branches. There were lots of them. But I couldn’t get any good photo since the branches they were on, was quite tall. Was a bit disappointed.

Then I walked back to the Park HQ and went to my room to refresh. After 30minutes than I decided to walk into town and see where I could get dinner.

Just outside the gate of the park, there is the Malawati Hill which I somehow forgotten about. So I climbed the stairs and saw the view from the hill. It was nothing special.

Bukit Malawati

Canon facing Malacca Straits

 Then I walked further up and saw the Light House on the top. The hill used to be a Fortress before and now, it is where the tourist come to visit. There were still some canons at the hill. The view from the top was quite nice. You can see the Malacca Straits too and all the forest from the Nature Park.

The Light House Canon facing Malacca Straits

You can just sit in a train which will bring you around the hill too.

When I was on the hill, and guess what??? There were hundreds of Silvered Langurs just walking around and got fed by tourist! My goodness! Not only I managed to get a good photo of them, but I got pissed on by one too! I also managed to get a good photo of the Baby Silvered Langurs! Cutie!

Baby Silvered Langurs

After half an hour just sitting around and taking their photos I walked down the hill and bought some biscuit for dinner.

On my way walking back to the Park, a train passed me, and the driver told me to hop on so I hopped on!

On Sunday, I had a relaxed morning enjoying the nature and around 9am I took a cab to Malawati Bus Station. When I arrived and I asked the guy there what time will the bus be arriving. And he said that the bus just left 1mins before I got there! So I took another cab to chase the bus and managed to overtake the bus and stopped at a bus stop and board the bus back to KL!



Rachel Raymond


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