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There are positives and negatives side of visiting a place during a festival season. Won’t dwell on too many of both sides.

One of the positive side: you will get to see the locals doing some cultural show or performance and get to see how a certain festival is celebrated.

Some of the negative sides: most shops are closed (restaurants, food stalls, markets), it is always busy when you visit a historic place or town, the hotels are all fully booked and transportation cost would be at least 30%-40% more than normal.

This happen in the smaller town of course where all the business are owned personally.

So, it was long weekend for CNY end of January that I decided I was not going to stay in KL itself and hope on the bus to Taiping.

As usual, I only buy my ticket the day I was going. Not a smart plan but that is what happen when I don’t feel like walking too much.

How to get to Taiping from Kuala Lumpur?

Go to the North Bus Terminal (Puduraya Bus Terminal)

From Titiwangsa LRT Station, stop at Plaza Rakyat LRT station and it takes about 5 minutes to the Puduraya Bus Terminal.

I took the bus from KL to Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal, Ipoh, as there were no more ticket to go directly to Taiping. Cost around RM20 and it took about 2-3 hours.

From Ipoh, I bought another bus ticket to go to Taiping from Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal, Ipoh which cost RM7.50 and it took an hour plus to arrive Taiping.

The bus actually doesn’t go into the proper bus terminal to stop in Taiping, it just stopped near the terminal and I don’t recalled them telling people it was Taiping Bust Terminal. So, I went up till I arrive Kamunting which was not too far.

I took a cab to the hotel I stayed in. I could see that Taiping was decorated with all the big tree where the trunk, growing to the opposite side. Beautiful!


The hotel that I stayed in, was a 20minutes walk to the Taiping Zoo and a 5 minutes walk to the Taiping Lake.

When I checked in, I unloaded my bag and went out to the Zoo and the lake.

It was the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. You just feel like putting everything down and lay down and enjoying the view.






I realise that I put too many photos in my blog, but that is because I don’t really know which ones to pick when I think all the photo is nice Sad smile

I just walked pass by the Lake and took some photos before I continue my walk to the Taiping Zoo. I was deciding to go to the Night Safari, but I could only buy the ticket the night itself. So I decided that just visiting the zoo in the noon would be good for the day.

It was really a nice Zoo. Smaller than the one in KL. It was a clean and surprisingly there were no mosquitoes at all the whole time I was there.

Enjoy some of my favourite photos.












After the Zoo, I walked back to look for place to have dinner. It was the eve of Chinese New Year and most of the restaurant are closed! But I found out a place to eat satay just 3 minutes away from my hotel! The famous Satay Kajang. So I had to go and see for myself what is it all about.


Chicken and Beef Satay

The chunk of meat was bigger than the normal satay meat. I am not sure whether it’s normal or not, but this was the first time I receive a sauce with dried chilli in oil together with the peanut sauce.

YES it was delicious!!! I ordered 20 sticks and ate 18 sticks and till today, I still think of the other 2 sticks of chicken satay!

After my delicious dinner, I walked back to the hotel room and it was POURING! I was lucky I borrowed an umbrella from the hotel receptionist, so I was not too wet.

The next morning, I decided to go to the lake. So I rented a swan machine (no idea what it’s called) and peddle my way to the middle of the lake!









Spent some time reading walking around the lake found out that it was awarded to be the largest urban Lake Park in Malaysia.

Went back to the hotel to check out around noon and since I have time till 4pm,  I went to walk further and decided to go to the famous Bukit Larut or a.k.a Maxwell Hill.

Along the way, I made some detour to some of the places where the locals normally have their recreational time.



Equine Park



Burmese Pool


Taiping War Cemetery



Road to Bukit Larut

I climbed for an hour plus, and reached the 1st hut. I was asking along the way how long will it take to reach the top, most of them say 5 hours! By the time I reached the 1st hut, my jean was already very wet from my sweat. So I decided to come another time instead to finish off the Maxwell Hill!

You can also go to the peak using land rover no problem. It cost RM7.

You can also stay in the chalet and enjoy the view from the wettest place in Malaysia! The hill experience the most rainfall throughout the year. Larut means dissolved.

Then I walked down and had lunch and got into a cab to bring me to the bus terminal.

Opposite of the bus terminal, I saw a market so I went to see whether they sell my favourite fruit, and YES they did sell Rambutan! So I bought some for the road and also bought Petai (Parkia) to bring back to KL!


Petai (Parkia)

No, I didn’t take any photo of Rambutan. I expect everyone to know how the best fruit in the world to look like! Smile


Rachel Raymond




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