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After almost 2 weeks being at the marina, we finally set a day that we will go sailing. We brought the dinghy to be repaired a week ago and just a day before we collect it, the guy called and said that it can’t be repaired. So we picked it up and did our shopping that we need for a week.

After shopping, we went back to the boat to put all the ration in the boat. Then we took shower then we left again to have our dinner. We went to Ceneng Beach where we were suppose to have our Valentine’s dinner but it was cancelled since we were both drinking. So we put it in our rain check list.

Ceneng was like Patong Beach a little bit. Busy and crowded and full with tourist. So we park somewhere, then walk along the street to look for restaurant for dinner. We decided to try Mexican food. We went to the restaurant called 3 Amigos, and ordered our food. It was not as nice as you thought a Mexican Food would be. Obviously I can’t expect a good Mexican Food in Malaysia, can I? Smile

The next day, we clear all the things that needed to be clear, Frank went to say goodbye to another friend, and I went to the internet trying to upload the blog but to no avail. Stupid slow internet.

Around 11am on Thursday, 24th Feb, we left Telaga Habour and started sailing to Koh Bulon. It was a nice anchorage and there were lots of stars and it was windy too. But in the water, there were LOTS of gigantic jelly fish. I have never seen so many big jely fish in my life. The sea is infested with jelly fish!!!! There is no way in hell, I am going to jump in the water knowing and looking at what’s in the water!







Then the next morning, we left to Koh Petra. Frank anchored here before once and he like it.


Sun rise over Koh Bulon

So we arrive Koh Petra and anchored. There was another boat with us too at the anchorage. The wave was abit rocking and rolling in Koh Petra.


Koh Petra


Koh Petra

Frank, jumped in the water and since it was very hot. Then he took some cleaning gear to clean the hull of the boat. So I decided to jump as well. I of course didn’t stay for too long since it was very deep and also I could not see the bottom!!! I hate that.

Then I just sat in the boat with my drink and just relax.



Rachel Raymond



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26th Feb 2011

We started sailing around 7am from Koh Petra to Koh Mok.

We arrived Koh Mok, around 2pm. We anchored on the west side of the island.

It was a nice island, and there is a little beach that you can swim too and have a little picnic. Koh Mok is also famous for the cave and the beach in the cave. Tham Morakot, (Emerald Cave).

Koh Mok

Sun rise over Koh Mok

We waited for all the tourist to leave so we could have the beach to ourselves.

We put the kayak in the water, and I went into the kayak and Frank used his surf board to swim the the cave. You need a torch light to go into the cave as it is pitch black in the cave. Hearing the water splashing on the rock and you can’t see anything is quite and experience!

Frank whistled while swimming on this board, so I felt less scared! It was not a long cave, it was just about 2-3 minutes. When you are out of the cave, you will see a small beach. It’s like a hole in the big island. Beautiful. The beach is accessible at anytime regardless of the tides.


View from the cave




The cave


The beach in the middle of the rocky island of Koh Mok


Inside of the cave near the entrance

After spending half an hour at the beach, we went back to the boat. Frank put a rope to the end of my kayak, so I row the both of us.

Around 8.40pm just after having dinner, I saw that my fishing line was stretch. I immediately jumped out of my seat and check my fishing line. It caught something! So I kept pulling and I was scared that it could be stuck to a stone or a coral but I thought I felt it moving a little bit. Frank thought that it is caught in the anchor line. We shall see it tomorrow. 



Rachel Raymond


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