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We made a short trip to Rome middle of June and had an overwhelming experience in the beauty of the place!

We stayed in a B & B (Capo D’ Africa)  just next to the Colosseum, and it was a beautiful room and a very homely B & B and will recommend for anyone to stay there if there are going to Rome! Owner was very friendly.

Quite a challenge trip to Rome…..forgetting ticket….forgetting camera, forgetting charger…. Phewwwwww…….But we managed to get everything back so that was ok :S

Frank left his camera in the driver’s car who picked us up from the airport. Luckily we arranged the pick up service from the B & B so we got to owner to help us out. And they driver was an honest person and told the owner that he will return it the next day! Which he did! Thanks God for honest people in the world.

The first night was spent enjoying dinner next to the Colosseum. Not the best restaurant, was expensive, but it was the Colosseum, so closed one eye. Being pampered by the Dutch food portion, I was shocked to see my Penne Arabiata pasta came in this huge plate with…I don’t know, 27 penne pasta in it I guess! pffffttt….Again….For the Colosseum view sake, I ate it and made sure the plate was finger licking clean!

Enjoy the photos.

The Colosseum

P1080900 IMG_1174P1080860 P1080861 P1080889

The Palentine Hill

P1080501 P1080565 P1080573

The Forum

P1080629 P1080632

The Spanish Steps

P1080756 P1080762

Trevi Fountain


Piazza Popolo



Trajan’s Market

P1080708 P1080910

Ponte St. Angelo

P1080822 P1080806P1080816 

Vatican City



















IMG_0675  IMG_0693


I will skip the photo in the Museum because it won’t bring justice to the beauty of the painting when you are there to experience it yourself.



Rachel Raymond



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